How to Un-Partition in Windows 10

Windows 10 is very convenient to use as it has made everything very easy for its users. It has a lot of improved features including “Disk Management” tool that is not a novel thing for the users of PC. If you have little knowledge about it, let me explain the feature is used to create or remove a partition from the Hard disk. The users know the process of setting up a partition very well because while installing Windows, they could see the option to make partitions in HD. But sometimes you create so many partitions that are not used later. While making partitions sometimes, this MsMpEng.exe error pops up on the screens also so you should fix MsMpEng.exe first before making any HD partitions.

In this way, you need to remove the partition. So, here is how to delete a hard drive partition without re-installing Windows. You do not need to be an expert user of the computer if you want to perform this task. You can do it by yourself by following my step-by-step guide. Let’s start the guide to save your precious time. Meanwhile, you can also check this dns adware removal guide also if you are facing adware issues within your hardware.

Un Partition in Windows 10

Delete Partition by Using Disk Management

You can also use any online tool to remove the partition from Hard Disk as there are loads of software available for this purpose. But I would like to use Disk Management, a built-in tool in Windows 10 for the users that makes my task easy and short.

  • If you directly want to open “Disk Management”, there are three different ways to open it. The shortest way is to press “Windows +X” keys to show the essential functions of Windows 10. As it appears on the left corner of the Start Screen, you need to look for “Disk Management” feature in the list. Click as you get it.

(Another hotkey to open “Disk Management” by using “Run” window is “Windows+R” keys. Just press the combination of keys mentioned above to open Run window and type here “diskmgmt.msc” in the bar. Press Enter key)

  • When the “Disk Management” window appears on the screen, you will see here all of the partitions you have made earlier. You need to look for the partition you want to remove. As soon as you get it, you need to right-click on it. You will find “Delete Volume” option in the context menu. Select this option.
  • As soon as you select the option, you will see the partition exists there no more. You will notice that the volume of free unallotted space has been increased.

It shows that you have done your job perfectly.

Now you can create a new partition with your desired volume of space if you wish so. If you do not want to create any partition, just close the window and return to your tasks.

I should explain one more thing If you want to create or remove any partition from Hard Disk, you do not need a reboot of the system after performing your task. You can continue your works without a reboot.

Unusual Ways to Make Money from Blog

We all like some extra kilometers per liter. This is true even in blogging. I hope that you’re already monetizing your blog using various ad networks like Adsense, Chitika, etc., even some of you are doing affiliate marketing very well. So, I’m giving you 5 unusual ways to make some extra money from your existing blog.

Unusual Ways to Make Money from Blog

Important: Before you start making money using my methods, get a Payoneer account or PayPal is also good if you’re confused then check this PayPal vs Payoneer comparison.

1. Make Money from Related Content

Yes, you can make money from the related content widget below every blog post, just install the nRelate Related Content plugin from WordPress plugin directory. This is a very good plugin to show related contents under every blog post. You can choose the thumbnail gallery design from some really good templates. You can also show plain text list of related content rather than thumbnail. You can control the pages on which the related content widget will appear by selecting/deselecting them. There is an option to show advertisement in the related content widget. If you want to make money by advertising in the widget you’ll need to register at nRelate and customize the ad appearance. You can control the number and position of ads to display. By default the ads will have an animated ‘sponsored’ text which can be set to hide. You’ll earn money after every click on ad.

2. Make Money from Images

If your blog has a good number of images then you can earn some extra money from these images integrating in-image advertising. Some popular in-image advertisers are GumGum, Luminate, Vibrant Media etc. GumGum is the leader in this kind of ads. It started in-image ads in 2008 to help publishers pay the image license fee but later the idea was well accepted by industry and a new category of advertisement started.The concept of in-image advertising of all ad networks are nearly same, when visitors mouse over a picture an ad appears, this may be an overlay on the image or a pop-up. Publishers can control the minimum size of picture on which the ad will appear. This is a contextual ad technique and collects data from image and surroundings to show the perfect ad on the image. In-image advertising does not takes additional space, if you’ve some pictures on your blog or have a photo blog then you’ve a great opportunity to earn some extra cash using in-image ads.

3. Make Money from CAPTCHA

No, I’m not joking, it’s true. Almost all of us use CAPTCHA codes to stop spam robots on various services or contents. This may be a contact form or a comment form, CAPTCHA is the most effective way to stop automated robots to harm our blogs but we never thought about monetizing these ugly, weird CAPTCHA codes.Here are some creative CAPTCHA solutions that have converted these ugly CAPTCHA into fun and money-maker too. Solve Media, Minteye and yoCAPTCHA are some leading players in this game. These CAPTCHA solutions have different styles and approaches but the goad is same, all of them use advertisements as CAPTCHA form. The user must read the advertisement to pass the CAPTCHA and hence it’s more powerful than banner ads and gives more ROI to the advertisers. With every CAPTCHA solved you’ll get a commission from the ad. Isn’t is a great way to make some extra bucks from your existing content?

4. Premium Membership

Selling premium membership can be a good idea if you can offer unique high quality content for premium members. You can offer freebies and exclusive case studies for premium only members. There are many WordPress plugins to convert your WordPress blog into a membership based blog. Optimize Press 2.0 Membership Plugin, Digital Access Pass and Magic Members are some of them.

5. Paid Directories

If you have a high traffic niche blog then you can start a paid directory. Businesses related to your niche would not mind to pay you to be listed on the directory. You can also offer featured listing with special price.You can easily test these techniques on your blog to make some extra money as any of these techniques do not need much changes on your blog.Hope you’ve enjoyed this post. If you’ve used any of these ads on your blog please do share your experience with us.

How to remove iCloud Accounts from iPhones/iPads?

An iCloud is storage and computing service account that is launched by Apple Inc, on 12th of October 2011. This service had more than 320 million users. It helps its user to store documents, photos, music, etc.

The administration additionally gives the way to move remotely down iOS gadgets straightforwardly to iCloud, rather than being dependent on manual reinforcements to a host Mac or Windows PC utilizing iTunes. Every user of iCloud gets 5GB of storage with free backup. Sometimes, it seems to be a bit confusing but mostly it is very helpful and useful for the person having an iCloud account.

Advantages of iCloud:

Here are some advantages of using iCloud on iPhones/iPads:

  • It is free of cost
  • It enables to store unlimited files
  • It can be retrievable any time by just signing in
  • No software is required for synchronization of data
  • One can approach media without downloading
  • It also creates backup


Nothing is perfect. Everything has drawbacks. Same is with iCloud. Disadvantages of iCloud are:

  • Service is free, but data charges do apply
  • Transferring large data is not feasible
  • Storing data to some third party invites the possibility of unauthorized access to those data.
  • iCloud is only compatible with iOs only.

How to create an account of iCloud:

To create an iCloud account on your device you need to follow these steps:

  • Open settings on your device (iPhone/iPad)
  • Select Mail, Contact, Calendars
  • Tap ‘Add ‘
  • Select iCloud by tapping
  • Then tap on create a new Apple id
  • Enter date of birth and tap next
  • Enter you email id and password and other required information
  • Create a security question and another email id for backup
  • Tap on Agree to confirm the condition
  • Log in to your account

How to remove iCloud Account from iPad/iPhones?

Deleting iCloud account from iPad or iPhone may cause errors and may your device will misbehave. It will also cause extending from inappropriate or missing iMessage conveyance, loss of information synchronizing, failure to recover applications that are connected with an Apple ID and App Store account, the evacuation of expected iCloud reinforcements, and even loss of records and iCloud information.

To delete an iCloud accounts one should follow the following steps:

  1. Open ‘Application Settings’ and go to iCloud
  2. Scroll down to find ‘Delete Account’ option.
  3. Confirm the Delete or Sign out option on the device.

‘Sign out’ word is now used in new versions of iOS in cloud settings and Delete account word is used in immediate prior version. Both are the same thing, but different words are used in both versions.

It will delete data from device i.e. iPad/ iPhone but would not delete from iCloud itself. When the iCloud account is deleted, the device will leave behind empty with new login option. One can create a new Apple ID or can change the iCloud account.

Technology is important for better education

Technology has brought drastic change in each sector and with modern and advance technology people are getting benefited through it. In this tech world, internet has become major part of our life. Many of us depend on modern technologies for our work lives. These advance technology has made our lives quite easy. This technological advancement has given easy communication with friends, business partner and clients or families. Education without any doubt needs more tech based tool to make student aware about surroundings.
Education has taken a step further and high- tech tools making student interested in study with new gadget. Technology is important to learn new thing and get better education and job skills. It is need and necessity or school to offer these upgraded technologies in schools, colleges or other educational institutes. These upgraded technologies could makes education much more interesting and easy to learn for students. There are many such high tech devices available which could be utilized in school and colleges with the help of internet.
Student has the chance to learn many things through internet and now they do not need to have Textbooks or bookish language. With internet education has taken a step further. Internet and new upgraded devices provide great information and knowledge to students. Internet has given many platforms to student where they could get many interactive programs or they can easily download these programs and get much high knowledge over many things. Student with the help of technology could improve on writing; understand the subjects like, math, commerce and other courses or skills in much better way for sure.
Internet also provides various games and applications which is helpful for strident to learn skills and these are appropriate for any age. These technologies will make student to learn coordination and even sharpen memory and hand eye connection for toddlers. These high tech technologies are gaining immense popularity in high school graduates. Learning these high tech technologies is very important when these high school graduates enter college. Once student get in college he has to take specialized knowledge in related fields.
School is the right place where your kid would get knowledge that make them a productive and technology towards friendly future. It is great to have these knowledge as it would provide improved opportunities that student could have and head towards lucrative future. It has been seen that student with knowledge of technology in schools do better in practical world. Having technological knowledge will make your kid a confident human being and they can easily overcome any insecurity which they might be facing related to technology.
Technology has given new development in many field of education, when it comes to high-technologies then science is the field where it has given most of the thing, now student can have more vast area and ways of experimenting and observing minute details easily. Technology make student analytically strong and student gets a platform where they get open arena to understand everything in easier way. Student has opportunity to learn thing more minutely. Each and every school and educational institute should keep technology as main ingredient o study as it only helps student and teachers. LCD projector, Tab, LCD TV and laptops are some example for technology based education.